Haven Farm: Meet Your New Retreat

Welcome to Haven Farm sign and wagon by front entryway

I got word last month that a new, family-owned event space and farm was having its Grand Opening celebration.  Unfortunately, we were out of town during the event, but I knew I had to go check out Haven Farm once we got home.  Get ready, because Haven Farm packs a LOT into its 40+ acres. 

I’ll try to highlight it all: Organic farming practices, a garden center, a greenhouse, a shop that sells local products, ice cream, and beverages, organic CBD products, yoga classes, a stunning event venue, an outdoor stable for some serious glamping, an apiary, a petting zoo, additional accommodations for event attendees and hosts, and community events.  Let’s dive in!

Haven Farm’s Location in Knightdale, NC- A Stone’s Throw From Raleigh

The first thing that I noticed as a pleasant surprise was the location of this venue.  Typically when I hear, “farm” I can’t help but think I’m going to be driving on a few country roads for at least 10-15 minutes before I reach where I’m headed.  But Haven Farm is located at 8521 Buffaloe Rd in Knightdale, NC.  It took me all of seven minutes to drive there from downtown Knightdale. 

Their location is so unique not only due to its convenience to Northeast Raleigh, Knightdale, Rolesville, and Wake Forest but also because the Buffaloe Road corridor is primed for some serious development in the next few years, making this beautifully preserved land and event venue even more of an oasis.

How Did Haven Farm Come To Be?

I met with Kay Leggett, the Creative Director and Events Manager for Haven Farm and daughter of the founder of Haven Farm, Leslie Logan-Brown.  Kay immediately made me feel at home with a genuinely warm welcome.  She and I sat down together on the Shoppe’s beautiful covered porch that looks out onto a lovely garden center. 

Even though it was a hot day, the covered porch and breeze made it easy to be comfortable. We chatted about the history of the farm.  Kay shared with me that when her mom found the property that the farm is nestled upon, she felt a calling to the beautiful land, and the rest was history. 

Garden center at Haven Farm in Knightdale, NC

Embracing the Heart of the Family-Owned Business

Haven Farm has been growing and evolving ever since.  The family’s dedication to making this space a treasure for the community to enjoy for years to come is unmeasurable. Multiple family members work on the farm, pouring their hearts into all that they do, and learning every step of the way about farm life and organic farming practices.  Their dedication to family and the farm is sweetly immortalized with their handprints placed on one of the cement sidewalks.  

Farming Practices

In an effort to promote holistic healing, Haven Farm’s initial goal was to cultivate the hemp plant in order to provide an organic source of hemp-based products.  The farm also has an apiary, a greenhouse, fruit trees, and a garden center where you can find beautiful hydrangeas and all sorts of other iconic Southern plants. 

We discussed the challenges of chemical-free farming along with the benefit of sustainable farming practices, and how it had been a growth opportunity.  Kay acknowledge that their resident farmer, Jerry, has become a part of their family and she expressed her gratitude for how much he has taught them all about farming and cultivating their land.

Garden center at Haven Farm in Knightdale, NC

The Shoppe at Haven Farm

One of the first projects to help bring the community into this beautiful land was the opening of The Shoppe.  The Shoppe is adjacent to their garden center and has a beautiful covered porch with hanging ferns. Seating is plentiful around the building and there is Wifi access, allowing this to be a place where you can actually come and get some work done if you need a reprieve from your typical coffee shop or coworking space.  

Front patio at The Shoppe at Haven Farm

One of the things that blew me away was how many of the products that they offer are made in-house, or supplied by local vendors.  This is very much a place where you can shop locally.  Quite a few of their local vendors are Women of Color owned businesses.  The Shoppe also sells Haven Farm’s own line of organic CBD (cannabidiol) products and locally-sourced jams.  Do you suffer from allergies like me?  If so, don’t forget to pick up a jar of their local honey from their apiary!

locally-grown hemp products

Beyond the goods that you can pick up from their shelves, you can also find a beautiful variety of house plants by the Houseplant Hippie (aka Kay- she’s a busy woman!).  There is a fridge in the Shoppe that houses healthier snacks like yogurt, Go-Go squeezes, and kid-friendly drinks for those days when you thought you packed enough snacks for the kids or yourself but clearly didn’t. 

The Shoppe also offers hand-scooped ice cream, baked goods, coffee, wine, beer, and mimosas. If that wasn’t enough, keep an eye out for their Wine Down Wednesday events like creating your own charcuterie board and Front Porch Fridays featuring food and live music!

House plants and the Shoppe's entryway

refrigerator at the Shoppe

Haven Farm's beverage counter in Knightdale, NC

Haven Farm’s Petting Zoo and Nature Playground

Kay took me to meet their goats. She shared with me that they will be moving some more of their animals to the front of their property to build out a petting zoo there.  Haven Farm offers cups of food for $3 to feed these sweet animals.  

goats at Haven Farm

Another ambition currently in the works is the creation of their nature playground. While I was there, some equipment was installed and was being adorably tested by the baby goats.  

baby goat on slide at Haven Farm in Knightdale, NC

I asked if they would be hosting children’s birthday parties (Because Eastern Wake needs more kid-friendly birthday party venues!).  Well, Hot Off The Presses! I’m so excited to announce that Haven Farm has just finished curating birthday party packages and will be releasing this information sometime this week!  I think I know where I’m having my daughter’s birthday party next year.

The Greenhouse

Haven Farm has a greenhouse that houses many of the Houseplant Hippie plants.  However, events are also held within this space such as greenhouse yoga. This is also a potential event venue for smaller, more intimate event space needs.

Directional sign at Haven Farm

The Event Space and Bus

As we made our way further back on the property, we passed by a bus with the Haven Farm logo.  Kay explained that the bus is used to help transport event guests from the front of the farm to closer in the back where the main event venue is located.  

Haven Farm events bus

We also passed by a fire pit area, a stable, and a three-bedroom home named, “The Homestead”.  The cozy, clean, modernly decorated home is available to rent for those hosting the events or who have guests attending events that might benefit from being closer to the event space.  

One of my favorite spaces is “The Stable” space.  This is a converted stable that now houses one bedroom, a bathroom with an outdoor shower, and a hot tub!  This would truly be glamping at its finest! I can’t wait to have a memorable staycation getaway here under the starry night sky. You can find out more about lodging reservations here.

The Main Venue – The Retreat

The Retreat- exterior at Haven Farm

Arguably the most breathtaking space on the property, Haven Farm’s premier event space, The Retreat, is stunning.  It looks out onto their horse pasture where their rescue horse, Layla, idly grazes on the grass. Huge doors allow natural light to filter in from all around and provide a gorgeous view of the farmland.  These bright and airy doors open, making it easy to convert the space into an indoor/outdoor event concept.  

Interior of the Retreat- glass doors

Barn doors in the Retreat

Beyond all of the trim work in the space, my favorite part was the custom chandelier that was constructed from one of the trees that unfortunately had to be cut down when the event space was being created.  In order to honor and preserve the beauty of the tree, Haven Farm used its wood to create a jaw-dropping, unique chandelier that gives a magical feeling to the space.

Custom chandelier in the Retreat at Haven Farm

Haven Farm offers a variety of wedding and event packages, including the option to rent the entire farm space for the weekend.  The event venue also comes with a separate caterer’s prep space.  Take a peek at their Instagram account for more info on their event venue or for wedding planning inspiration!

Leaving Haven Farm

Butterfly bush at front entryway

As we headed back toward the Shoppe at the front of the property, we passed by humongous, flowering light purple butterfly bushes.  Happy pollinators were buzzing about, and the breeze was blowing.  Even though it was right off of a main road, the space felt very peaceful. I thought of how special this place would be.  Not just for weddings, but as a gathering place that encourages honoring nature and supporting neighborly love. And you really can’t go wrong with a vibe like that. 

Author: Taylor

Taylor, the founder of Eastern Wake Love and resident of Knightdale, NC, created the platform to celebrate Eastern Wake County’s community and lifestyle. Driven by the lack of substantial information about the Eastern Wake communities during her move to Knightdale, she wanted to create a resource for this beautiful area's potential and current residents and visitors. In her spare time, she’s chasing after her two young kiddos, getting involved in her community, and laughing with her husband about the chaos of parenthood.


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