Mona Pants Mintage: Where a Love for Dogs and Eclectic Vintage Collide

Mona Pants Mintage store entrance with Debbi at the register

A few weeks ago, I took a morning drive to downtown Zebulon, NC. A while back, when I had taken a painting class in Wendell with local artist Amy Richards, I had asked her if there were any hidden jewels in Eastern Wake that she thought should be highlighted.  She gave me some wonderful ideas, but the one that piqued my interest the most was the Mona Pants Mintage shop. So, I recently spent the morning exploring a shop where serious animal rescue efforts meet eclectic vintage, and I am so excited to share this fantastic store with you!

The Mona Pants Foundation

So, before I get started – What’s with the name? And why should you shop at Mona Pants Mintage?  If you love animals, THIS is your place to shop local!  The Mona Pants Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mascot is a lovely Boston Terrier named Mona Pants.

Her mom, Debbi, is the organization’s founder and is passionate about raising money for animal rescue groups, sanctuaries, and shelters.  The Mona Pants Foundation also funds K9 bulletproof vests and pet oxygen kits for first responders.  ALL proceeds of the brick-and-mortar shop’s sales go towards the foundation!  So, if you want to not only shop local to help support your town and local business owners but also want to support animals in need, this is the place to go!

Mona Pants store sign in Downtown Zebulon, NC

A New Location in Downtown Zebulon!

First, the store has recently relocated to a beautiful new location in downtown Zebulon. Located at 100 E. Vance Street in Zebulon, NC, Mona Pants Mintage is helping continue to revitalize Zebulon’s charming downtown district.  The previous store was also located downtown, but a little off the main drag, whereas this location is more easily accessible. I also loved the beautiful natural light flowing through the open storefront windows.  This place just has an awesome vibe.

Mona Pants storefront in downtown Zebulon, NC

Inside the Mona Pants Mintage Store

When you walk in, you see an array of fun, whimsical Mona Pants gear alongside various dog toys and treats, animal-themed home and garden decor, and loads and loads of beautiful jewelry. 

While browsing the store, I found unique vintage and collector’s pieces, such as funky lapel buttons, artwork, old mixed cassette tapes, a rotary phone, and gorgeous sets of vintage glassware. 

zebra stripped and teal display cases with vintage home goods
records and mixed tapes at Mona Pants Mintage

Clothing and handbags are displayed throughout the store, with new pieces mixed with vintage. The humor and sass in some of these pieces gave me such a warm and fuzzy feeling, and I felt like I had the perfect person in mind for at least one of those lapel pins!

"Women Want Me Fish Fear Me" hat

The Mona Pants Online Store and Weekly Auctions

If you can’t quite find the exact thing you’re looking for in the store, or maybe Zebulon isn’t the most convenient location for you to visit very often, Mona Pants Mintage also offers an online store and weekly auctions.  Boston terrier fans, beware- this place has some utterly adorable pup gear, from art prints to Boston socks.  The auctions are held weekly and contain a variety of jewelry, handbags, scarves, gifts, and stickers.

Mona IRL

And by the way, if you decide to follow Mona Pant’s Facebook or Instagram accounts, these aren’t your typical posts.  Posts are made by Mona Pants herself, and she has a fun way of talking and looking at the world.  And yes, there are Mona Pants videos, too!  But if you happen to fall in love with Mona Pants and want to see her in real life, come to the shop!  I felt like when I met her, I was meeting a pup celebrity.  And by the way, she is a very, very sweet girl!

Mona Pants kissing Taylor of Eastern Wake Love

Honoring Past Donors With Artwork

Lastly, one of the fun details I love about the new shop is the daily artwork hanging behind the register.  I visited the old Scroungeporium shop before it relocated, and what I loved the most about that location were the ceiling tiles.  Each tile had a picture of a dog on it.  Those dogs’ people had donated to the foundation to become a feature on those ceiling tiles, which I thought was a fun and unique fundraising idea.  However, the new shop didn’t need ceiling tiles, so they decided to frame and feature one dog’s tile per day behind the register.  

ceiling tiles with pictures of dogs

Mona Pant’s Foundation’s Regional Efforts

One of the most heartfelt details about the Mona Pants Foundation, which was particularly important for me to point out with this being a regional blog, is the efforts to establish a North Carolina-based Mona Pants senior dog sanctuary.  Their goal is laid out into phases, progressing from a senior dog sanctuary, which includes hospice care, to being a halfway house for senior dogs, providing behavioral training, community outreach, creating a Seniors for Seniors program, and finally, a Legacy program where if you pass away, your dog can come to the sanctuary to live the rest of their life in love.

Mona Pants Dog Sanctuary t-shirt

So, whether your heart enjoys feeling the rush of finding that unique vintage item for your wardrobe or perhaps knowing that you supported an animal or two that day, take a look at Mona Pants Mintage the next time you’re in downtown Zebulon, NC!  You’ll never know what sort of treasure you might walk away with. <3

Author: Taylor

Taylor, the founder of Eastern Wake Love and resident of Knightdale, NC, created the platform to celebrate Eastern Wake County’s community and lifestyle. Driven by the lack of substantial information about the Eastern Wake communities during her move to Knightdale, she wanted to create a resource for this beautiful area's potential and current residents and visitors. In her spare time, she’s chasing after her two young kiddos, getting involved in her community, and laughing with her husband about the chaos of parenthood.


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