Rekindle Romance with a Trailblazing Love Date Night Box in Raleigh, NC

Trailblazing Love date night box

Alright, everyone,  Who is ready to talk date nights in Raleigh, NC? Are you like me and have thought about trying a date night box but don’t want to be stuck just playing some card game at your kitchen table?

The Challenge of Planning Date Nights for Busy People

I don’t know about you, but for my husband and I, ever since having children, date night has been a real struggle for us. Typically, by the end of the night, when our babies are finally asleep, the dishes are done, and the toys are picked up, we just both end up flopping down in exhaustion.  Date night is one of those mythical things that we hear of but infrequently get to experience.  

Even when we do get the chance to go out (through the graciousness of our family), we typically feel this rush to get back, knowing we have the kids’ bedtime routine we need to get done.  In summary, date nights for us have been few and far between. Even though there is a plethora of date night options for us in Raleigh, NC, let’s be real: it’s super hard to get out of the house these days. 

In a post-pandemic world where we have become even more comfortable chilling on the couch, wearing our jammies way longer than we should for the day, and binge-watching shows have become the norm, it seems to get harder and harder to find something new and fresh to try to rekindle that spark.  Enter my date night guardian angel, Trailblazing Love.

Trailblazing Love date night box first opened

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Supporting Local: Trailblazing Love as a North Carolina-based Business

When the opportunity to collaborate with Trailblazing Love was presented to me, my biggest question to them was- #1 – Where Are You Located? I wanted to stay true to the intent of my blog by supporting local. I discovered that Trailblazing Love is a Veteran-owned, North Carolina-based small business.  Sign me up!

Supporting small business

Introducing Trailblazing Love: A Meaningful Solution for Busy Couples

The founder, Tom Pinder, shared with me his big Why for starting the company, which was that he himself was a customer of date night kits but felt they left a lot to be desired.  He found he wasn’t a fan of the subscription services since it left little room for personal preference and that they didn’t provide enough of the materials to make it easy to actually have the date night (aka running to the store during the date because they needed extra stuff).  He also shared with me his love for nature and how he feels that unique activities outdoors can help others explore new experiences and create lasting memories.

I became intrigued and felt that Trailblazing Love’s products could truly be enjoyed during a date night in Raleigh, NC, throughout Eastern Wake, and beyond.  If there is one thing that I have learned since moving to North Carolina, it’s that there is a beautiful abundance of parks and outdoor spaces for all to enjoy. The hardest part was figuring out exactly what we wanted to do!

Choosing the Perfect Date Night Box

Trailblazing Love is a company that offers premium date night kits that are filled with high-quality, reusable goods that allow you to open up the box and dive right in.  If you’re unsure which kit would be right for you, there is a convenient quiz to help you pick the best fit for you and your partner. 

After browsing through a variety of kits, such as the Adventure Awaits Bucket List Date Night Activity Box, Campfire Connection Activity Box, and the Love By Numbers Paint By Numbers Kit Box, we were struggling to narrow one down! I even considered getting the Coastal Connection Beach Box for the next time we have a Carolina beach house vacation because the activities seemed so meaningful and romantic.  

But being that my husband and I are both a little on the nerdy side and love to talk about the awesomeness of space, we ended up choosing the Starry-Eyed Star-Gazing Date Night Box.  All of the date night kits are available in different tiers: the Essentials Box, the Indulgence Box (which includes a pair of 7×50 astronomy binoculars)., and the Dream Date Box (which includes the binoculars plus a wireless Bluetooth speaker).  Each tier adds extra elements to the date night kit, although the date can certainly be enjoyed with the Essentials Box alone. We received the Indulgence Box, and when it came, I was impressed with how well everything was packaged.

Trailblazing Love date night box contents for Starry Eyed Stargazing kit

Unboxing the Date Night Magic

The first thing I noticed when unpacking the date night box was the 6-step illustrated instructions.  Honestly, this was the most invaluable element for me, as my husband and I have both hit a wall with mental fatigue where we just don’t have it in us to plan One. More. Thing.  These instructions were clear and simple but so well thought out and gave us the time and flexibility to make this date night our own.  

It came with steps for going through the products during the date, and also suggestions for how to optimize our time outdoors, such as the timing of the day, encouraging us to avoid areas with a lot of light pollution, etc.  So, if you’re not super outdoorsy- no worries!  These steps will help you navigate your way to an expertly planned evening.  

The next big element for us that really helped to make our night feel special was the included Spotify playlist.  It was simple to access, with a QR code right on the instructions. I’ll be honest: my husband and I both sort of looked at each other and joked around about how we really hoped the playlist wasn’t overly cheesy because we just wouldn’t be able to handle it. 

Once the playlist got started, we were relieved to find that the music definitely gave us the right ambiance and mood. We felt like it really enhanced our experience for the night, and I was grateful to be able to listen to music that I would have never thought to pick myself but genuinely enjoyed.

Starry Eyed Spotify playlist screenshot from Trailblazing Love

Dive Deeper: The Indulgence Date Night Box Experience

As we continued to unpack our date night box, I was blown away by the quality of the items.  The Starry-Eyed Star-Gazing date night box also includes a stargazing pocket guide to help us identify constellations, a red lens flashlight so we could navigate and read our guide in the dark without it messing with our vision to see the stars, a seven-layer S’mores dessert with two wooden spoons, a soft cotton-weave outdoor blanket, the astronomy binoculars, a Sparks conversation game, and a canvas star cross body bag that helped us carry all of our items. 

Red lense flashlight shining on Stargazing guide

The Gift that Keeps Giving: Reusability of Date Night Box Contents

The thing that hit me the most as we began to look at all of these things was that all of these items (save for the delicious dessert) could easily be used again.  Instead of dropping hundreds of dollars on an expensive dinner for a date night in Raleigh, NC, we could go to a Raleigh or Knightdale park of our choice and enjoy this date night box time and time again.  

As another unexpected plus- the cross-body bag is absolutely adorable. It has multiple pockets, snaps, and zippers.  I am considering using it as my new purse since it is much more lightweight than my old one, and hey, who doesn’t love stars?

Trailblazing Love date night box contents - blanket, binoculars, Sparks game, bag, instructions

Adapting for Home: Creating a Cozy Date Night near Raleigh, NC

So, here came the tricky part of our date.  We had to figure out how to have this night without leaving the house.  Yes, I know, I know.  The whole point of the kit is to get outside, right?  Well, yes, but we couldn’t leave our little kids in the middle of the night, so we had to get creative.  

Celestial ambiance on TV screen

We waited until we got the kids down in bed and then dimmed the lights in our living room and put on a celestial ambiance video on the TV screen.  We had a few drinks and went through the activities listed on the card to set us up for our date.  We did an eye-gazing exercise (not gonna lie; we might have talked and joked through it, but it still brought us closer).  We sipped on our drinks, played the music, and then went on to play the Sparks game.

two wine glasses, Trailblazing Love date night box contents out in front of fireplace

Now, I am NOT a person who loves games (much to the dismay of my husband).  But the Sparks card game was excellent.  It helped us open up, share meaningful stories, and have meaningful conversations that we haven’t had in a long, long time.  We probably went through the game in about 45 minutes, but that was the best conversation I’ve had with my husband since we’ve had kids.  And it didn’t feel awkward, tense, or like we were working on communicating.  We were just playing the game, talking, and having a great time.  

Starry-Eyed Moments: A Glimpse into the Carolina Night Sky

After we finished up our game, we gathered up the rest of the contents of the date night box, brought out the baby monitors, and moved outside in our backyard to look at the stars. We laid out the soft cotton blanket and dived into our S’mores dessert (which I am so mad at myself for not snapping a better picture of- but it was amazingly delicious!).  The red lens flashlight was helpful for us to look at our stargazing pocket guide and do one quick visual sweep for snakes (this is outside in NC, after all…).

Knightdale, NC backyard near Raleigh, NC preparing for date night

It was a full moon that night, so our ability to see the stars wasn’t the best (plus, we were in our backyard about nine miles from downtown Raleigh, NC,… we were going to have some light pollution no matter what.). However, with a little tweaking to our celestial binoculars, we were able to see the full moon beautifully.  Jupiter was shining brightly right near it.  We just gazed up, and for a moment, it felt like we were a world away from it all, and it was just us again. By the end of the night, my husband and I both agreed that that was one of the best dates we had had in a very long time.  

Two people holding hands on date night in Raleigh, NC with moonlight

Build Meaningful Connections with Trailblazing Love’s Date Night Boxes

So, suppose you’re looking for a date night box that takes away all of the mentally fatiguing project management of figuring out a date night.  Or perhaps you’re looking for something that gives you items you can reuse over and over again, not just for this date but for the rest of your life, and that gives you the option to get outdoors and reconnect with your partner in nature. In that case, Trailblazing Love should be at the top of your list to try.  Oh, and you can feel great knowing you are also supporting a Veteran-owned, North Carolina-based small business as well!

Lastly, if you’re like me and are always on the hunt for an online coupon code- give this one a try! 


I’m wishing you all of the Eastern Wake Love and beyond in your hunt for the perfect, most meaningful date night in or around Raleigh, NC! <3

* Trailblazing Love graciously provided me with this product in exchange for my honest and impartial evaluation. All views expressed in this post are entirely my own. *

* Affiliate links are used in this article to support the creation of high-quality content at no additional cost to you. For more information, please read our disclosure statement here.*

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