Ultimate Burn Boot Camp Protocol: Fitness Routines Weeks 2-3

Set up for another day of burn boot camp protocol with gym equipment Knightdale, NC

After recovering from my first week at Burn Boot Camp, I realized that I didn’t spend much time discussing the Burn Boot Camp protocol.  Now, I’ll be honest: I couldn’t break down all the workouts included in each session even if I wanted to.  But if you want an idea of what it’s like to go to Burn multiple days out of the week or how I have been getting on in weeks two and three, then keep reading below!

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Week 2 Burn Boot Camp Protocol:

Saturday, Day 8 – Resting Up For Family Time

No boot camp for me today! I knew I needed to rest because I was sore, and my parents were visiting here for the weekend.

Sunday, Day 9 – More Family Time and Sunday Sundaes

No boot camp on Sundays! I spent the day with family and indulged a bit with some ice cream and a few drinks. I’m noticing that I’m missing the feeling of getting up and moving my body around.  Am I already starting to get used to that endorphin rush?  

Monday, Day 10 – I Should Have Just Gone

I should have gone to get started on the weekly Burn Boot Camp protocol, but I was so tired from partying it up all weekend with my parents, husband, and kids that I just didn’t have the steam to get up and push myself.  I promised myself that I would have to go tomorrow because even if I am tired, once I go, I feel so, so much better.

Tuesday, Day 11 – I Learned That Arm Day Is A Beast

As I am writing this, my arms are still shaking a bit. They feel like blobs of Jello.  I did the 9:30 a.m. class with Rosie today, the “Upper Body Strength w/Keep Pulling Finisher” Burn Boot Camp protocol workout. I can’t even begin to describe how challenging it was for me, particularly the last activity, which was pull-ups.  To say that my upper body strength is pretty minimal is an understatement.  

I have to give another trainer, Cassie, who wasn’t the trainer for this session but was working out in the same group, a huge shout-out.  She helped guide me with my form and encouraged me the whole way, even though it was her time to focus on her workout.  I’m so grateful for the incredibly supportive community Burn Boot Camp has.  But I am proud of myself for getting this one done.  My arms hold and play with my children, cook meals, help things grow in our garden, and help others.  I’m glad I’m helping them grow stronger.  

Taylor Norton, 3 weeks into completing the Burn Boot Camp Protocol

Wednesday, Day 12 – Trying Out Burn’s Creatine Supplement

Today’s Burn Boot Camp protocol was “Burst Training with 6-point finisher” with Nick.  I was exhausted when I was done and feeling a bit run down.  After talking to Cassie and Bri about their experience with using the supplement creatine, I decided to go ahead and purchase some to try out. Burn Boot Camp just started offering this supplement to buy this past week.

Burn Boot Camp Creatine and Ignite supplements

Interestingly, the main reason that I decided to give it a try isn’t for muscle strength or definition but to see if taking it consistently for 30 days will help me speed up my recovery from activity and the brain fog that I can get as a result of my POTS, as there has been some promising research in creatine’s benefits to cognitive function.

However, this write-up is not intended to act as medical advice. Always consult your healthcare provider when interested in starting a new supplement to ensure that it will be the right and safest one for you. One supplement or drug does not fit all!

Thursday, Day 13 – The Benefits Of An Early Workout

Today’s Burn Boot Camp protocol was “Leg Day with all Glutes Finisher” with Nick.  This morning was unique because I went in for a 6 am class.  I knew I had a lot of stuff to get done today while both of my kids were in preschool, so I opted to get up early and get in there despite my son keeping me up for over an hour in the middle of the night.

I was surprised at how many people were here so early, as I am not a morning person and can forget that a whole world goes on while I would happily be snoozing away. I was tired but powered through the workout.  By the time I got out, it felt great to know that I was “done” for the day.  I felt accomplished.

Friday, Day 14 – Jogging My Way Through

I went to camp this morning at 8:30 am with Brea as our trainer.  Today’s Burn Boot camp protocol was a “bodyweight conditioning with max core finisher” SAC (Strength and Conditioning) workout, which meant lots of burpees, push-ups, jumping rope, and pull-ups (or, in my case, the heavily modified version of that). I ran/walked ½ mile and was spent by the end. 

I don’t think I’ve jogged since before having my first child (other than the quick sprints running after my kids).  I knew my husband and I were going out to eat tonight at a new restaurant opening in our town, so it felt great knowing that I put in some serious work to try to counterbalance dinner later.

Total Sessions Attended Week Two: 4

Week 3 Burn Boot Camp Protocol

Saturday, Day 15 – Sleep > Boot Camp

Okay,  I had intended to work out today.  But my son was up at 3 am and hacking so much that I decided to just sleep in his room on the floor with our Nugget as my bed.  Between the multiple days of interrupted sleep, dinner, and cocktails last night and four days back-to-back of camp, I was exhausted.  My son and I both slept in until 8:40 am.  

This meant that by the time I went downstairs, had some coffee, and checked my app for when classes were today, they had already passed (only 8 and 9 am sessions were available today, which I didn’t know). Whoops, there is no Burn Boot Camp protocol for me today!  So, instead, we did an impromptu outing with the family to Anderson Point Park in Raleigh.  While I didn’t profusely sweat, breathe heavily, or have my muscles shaking, it still felt good to be outside and walking around on the trails.  

Anderson Point Park Raleigh Entrance Sign

Sunday, Day 16 – Enjoying Family Time

No Burn Boot Camp protocol on Sundays.  I walked with my family around a greenway trail by Clayton Municipal Park.  We also tried a new ice cream store, which had super-creamy soft-serve custard for our Sunday sundaes.  It felt indulgent, but I tried to enjoy it without worrying about whether or not I was “ruining progress.”

Clayton, NC Municipal Park Entry Sign

Monday, Day 17 – Is My Immune System Getting Stronger?

I went to Burn at 9:30 am with my son.  He happily played with trucks while I got my sweat on.  Today’s Burn Boot Camp protocol was Athletic Conditioning with Brea.  I feel like I am dragging a bit today, and I’m not sure if that’s just my hormones, lack of sleep, or being out of the workout routine for the past few days (and having a few glasses of wine over the weekend).  

I’ve noticed that I didn’t get sick when my son wasn’t feeling well.  I have gotten sick so much this past year since the moment my kids got sick. They seem to crawl all over me and cough in my face as they snuggle me.  But this time around, nothing for me!  Not even a stuffed-up nose or scratchy throat.  Did you know that exercise can help boost your immune system

I don’t know if I can contribute my lack of illness to my immune system building strength from having two preschoolers or if regularly exercising at the intensity that I do at Burn the past few weeks has given my immune system a serious boost.  Regardless, I’m thrilled not to deal with a runny nose, cough, and congestion!

Sign For Monday- Burn Boot Camp Protocol Starting Day

Tuesday, Day 18 – Getting New Shoes

I went to Burn at 6 am with Brea as our Lower Body Strength workout trainer.  I first noticed how much it hurt to do jumping jacks.  Oh no! I might be developing shin splints. After class, I finally got fed up with wearing shoes that were probably over a decade old. I went to our local running company, Pace Yourself Run Co., and bought myself a higher-quality pair of Brooks running shoes* (I went ahead and added an Amazon link in case you can’t shop local!).  They already feel SO much better than my old shoes.

Wednesday, Day 19 – Dealing With Fatigue

Went to Burn at 6 am with Nick as the trainer.  Today was Speed and Agility training, which felt rough, considering I’m pretty sure I’m dealing with some shin splint issues.   I’m starting to realize that I like being able to be done with my workouts earlier in the morning, as it leaves me feeling more accomplished and ready to tackle the day.  However, my late-night writing sessions for this blog have suffered from getting up earlier.  I’ll have to keep looking for the balance!  

By the way- it helped to have different shoes today.  Despite my soreness, I was able to move around better.  I’m also still taking the creatine supplement every morning.  I haven’t noticed much improvement in my energy level, performance, or brain fog yet, but I also haven’t gotten enough sleep.  It also takes a while for creatine to build up in the system (up to 30 days), so I will be interested to see if an improvement is noticeable more in the next week.  

Thursday, Day 20 – Prepping For A Food Festival

We are going to NC Eat and Play’s Fall Hootenany and Foodie festival today, so I had to make sure I went to a boot camp to feel like I worked hard to enjoy the food and drinks later on. 

Cassie was the trainer for today for Full Body Strength Day.  She is always wonderful at coming around and ensuring that my form is correct and that I am maximizing and pushing myself.  She also helped me figure out some modifications where I could do lower-impact exercises but still maximize my workout without aggravating my shin splints.  Even though I did multiple modifications during the workout, I still felt like I gave it my all, red-faced and very sweaty. 

I picked up a sample of the plant-based Strawberry afterburn, mixed it with oat milk, and found that very filling for the next few hours while I got my kids ready for school.  One last thing I noticed was that even though I only got about 4.5 hours of sleep last night, I woke up feeling much less sore on my lower legs.  I’m unsure if my body is adjusting more to the exercise or if the creatine is beginning to help me more with my recovery.  Regardless, I’ll take it!

Friday, Day 21 – Feeling Accomplished From My Focus Meeting

Wow!  I’ve done it… I’ve made it to three weeks of attending Burn Boot Camp!  Today’s Burn Boot Camp protocol was Upper Body Strength w/ Terrible Triceps Finisher.  We used hand weights, resistance bands, and a few other pieces of equipment for another sweaty, exhausting-but-exhilarating workout.  

I did another focus meeting today with Brea.  She reassured me, and we discussed how sometimes changes can’t just be measured by the scale alone. She also shared that she used to be a member, then worked as an employee in Burn’s childwatch program, and then progressed to a trainer position.  Hearing her story was inspiring, and it just reminded me once again that despite our struggles, determination and dedication can help drive us to an amazing place.

Fall Is Proof That Change Is Beautiful Sign

Total Sessions Attended Week Three: 5

Reflecting On The Past Two Weeks

Sitting here and thinking about the past few weeks, I feel a little emotional.  I love the community that I have already been openly embraced into.  But eventually, addressing weight and other health struggles always becomes an emotional process for me.  Feelings of inadequacy, self-criticism, and self-doubt always creep up.  

But the thing I have loved about Burn Boot Camp so far is that between the pumping music, the Burn Boot Camp protocol that has me moving constantly, the camaraderie with the other members, and the trainers, my mind hasn’t had much time to wander where it normally does during a workout.

The amazing things you hear the trainers say genuinely move me.  Like Brea telling you, “You can do it, only 30 more seconds”, or Rosie saying, “Alright, let’s go!” or Cassie saying, “C’mon, you’ve got this, good job!” or Nick just directly addressing that inner voice saying, “I can’t do this anymore..” with saying simply (seemingly right when you need it the most), “Yes, You Can!”

Between the trainers, the members who constantly give out high-fives and commiserate with you throughout the workout, the brand ambassadors who warmly greet you, and the child watch employees who make sure your babies are happy and safe while you can focus on you… This has genuinely been one of the best exercise experiences I have ever had.  

My Results So Far From Following The Burn Boot Camp Protocol

I’m already noticing some non-scale victories.  According to my Fitbit, my resting heart rate has already gone down from 65 beats per minute (bpm) to 62 bpm.  That means I’ve already started to strengthen my heart and body to pump my blood to where it needs to go more efficiently.  That’s pretty amazing!  I’m also now more likely to pop up when my kids ask me for something without feeling like I’ve got to hoist myself up begrudgingly.

These are just a few examples of what I have already achieved, and click here if you’d like to see my final 30-day results! <3

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