Wendell Falls: Where Memories Are Made

The Farmhouse in Wendell Falls

When we first started looking throughout the Triangle for our home, one of the neighborhoods that stayed with me was Wendell Falls in Wendell, NC. Wendell Falls is a pristine neighborhood with a resort-like feel, and it’s growing rapidly.  We ended up in another lovely community in Knightdale, but because Wendell Falls is right up the road from us, I enjoy exploring the neighborhood and watching it expand.

Now, I have to be honest.  I am one of those HGTV-loving nerds.  I can easily kill an hour browsing Zillow.  I am NOT a realtor or real estate agent, but I have always enjoyed watching what sort of homes and communities are going up or changing around me.  If you ever see me in the future revitalizing and preserving an old, historic home, then you’ve probably found me in my happy place!

So, as the beginning of a new sort of series for this blog, I recently decided to see what it would be like to live in one of Eastern Wake’s most coveted neighborhoods.  I have a feeling that this sort of post will be the first of many, as there are some beautiful neighborhoods in Eastern Wake County.   So without further ado, come take a look with me!

Wendell Falls Clubhouse and The Lake Pavillion

One of the first sets of amenities that you can see when driving into Wendell Falls from the highway is its gorgeous clubhouse.  Now, this is probably one of the most photographed places in this neighborhood, so I’m not going to spend too much time talking about it other than to say, VISIT IT.  It’s beautiful.  And grab some food, or a coffee, or a beer while you’re here at the Farmhouse CafeThe food is awesome and the staff and chef Patrick Cowden are wonderful!  

The Lakehouse Pavilion Wendell Falls

To get an idea of the activities available to residents here, I picked up the event calendar for August.  If you are social or trying to be more social, are creative, love listening to live music, or love to be active, then this community is for you.  Yoga on the lawn, food trucks, movies under the stars, live music concerts, gardening seminars, lessons on how to craft beer at home, crafting nights, a creative kids club, and a community blood drive are just a few things listed on the calendar.  For one MONTH.  Not a year, just in a month! 

Wendell Falls inside of the Farmhouse clubhouse

And this doesn’t even include the other activities that are available specifically to the 55+ Encore section of the neighborhood.  I was amazed!

All of the Quaint Details in Wendell Falls

If you are looking for more tranquil, calm moments in your neighborhood, take a look at the winding path and lake right by the clubhouse.  One of the things that struck me was the beautiful details scatted throughout Wendell Falls, like the immaculate landscaping, the placement of these quaint birdhouses all along the trails, and the Little Free Library. 

Wendell Falls greenway trail
Little Free Library Wendell Falls, NC

I also love the mural in the works at the Wendell Falls pedestrian tunnel.  This greenway tunnel helps link the two sections of the neighborhood together.  That way, you or your kids don’t have to cross over a busy road.  Alternatively, I did see quite a few golf carts crossing over the road if you’re looking for a fun way to explore the neighborhood, and walking or biking isn’t an option for you.

pedestrian tunnel in Wendell Falls with mural art
Gold cart parked outside of clubhouse in Wendell Falls

The Falls

Whenever I look at a neighborhood, the first thing I ask myself is, “Can I imagine raising my children here?”  Well, if you and your family love to explore nature,  look at these beautiful trails.  I felt as if I was walking through a county park.  The overlook at the Falls was probably one of my favorite places.  Nestled between immaculately kept homes, this gem of a trail leads you to a rocky outcropping where a creek flows by.  The sound of running water and the birds chirping felt so serene.  After a long day, I felt like this would be just the place to sit for five minutes to just…breathe.

Trail/park in Wendell Falls
The Falls overlook in Wendell Falls. Red deck and adirondack chairs
The Falls in Wendell Falls

Solstice Park

This park is located across from Wendell Falls Blvd, but because of its elevation, you get a nice view of the other side of the neighborhood from here.  There is also a large grassy area here, which would make it a great place to fly a kite.  This park is minimalistic but fun, with some cool spinners (and yes, I hoisted my 38-year-old self up there for a minute and gave ‘em a whirl, lol).  A modern sculpture and benches are also here.  These make it an easy spot to sit down and rest while you watch other people make themselves joyfully dizzy. 🙂

Solstice Park in Wendell Falls with spinners, modern sculpture

The Grove

This area has a LOT.  Amenities include an outdoor amphitheater area, an outdoor rock climbing wall, and outdoor workout stations.  I knew that if my daughter had seen the rock climbing wall while we were touring homes, we would have been done for.  But out of all the amenities in this area, my favorite features, by far, are the hammocks located in the Grove.  There is beautiful landscaping all around the park.  Tall, mature trees provide some great shade. 

children's sidewalk chaulk drawings in Wendell Falls

Just look at this view from looking up while lying here.

The Grove in Wendell Falls
View from the hammock trees and sky
View from the hammock

Can you imagine bringing your favorite book (or podcast, audiobook, or Spotify playlist) here and just unwinding with this view?  I thought it was a beautiful place to just take a moment. 

I also couldn’t help but think of all those times when I was a kid, and I used to play on our hammock with my friends.  I have a feeling these hammocks get some serious use.  

Before I move on, I want to point out that what I highlighted here in this post is just a sampling of amenities here.  There is also a dog park, mountain biking trails, access to lakes, more pocket parks, a whole new section called the Perch with another pool, the entire section of amenities in the 55+ Encore section, the future Lake Myra County Park nearby, and multiple schools located right in the community.  

Playground by the Farmhouse at Wendell Falls

Touring A Wendell Falls Home

Now, remember earlier when I mentioned that I like looking at homes for fun?  Well, I couldn’t help myself here either.  I popped into the Concord model by Homes by Dickerson.  Heather, the sales associate there that day was so kind and gracious and answered all my questions.  

The Concord was breathtaking.  I loved the vaulted ceiling in the living room and the WINDOWS!  If there is one thing that makes me almost as happy as being out in nature, it’s enjoying it from the comfort of my own home.  The windows in this model allowed for so much natural light and wooded views (which obviously would depend on the type of lot you purchased).  The screened-in porch was also a beautiful addition.  Every detail seemed to be completed with real craftsmanship and the design was transitional and gorgeous.  

Homes by Dickerson Concord model in Wendell Falls fireplace in living room
Homes by Dickerson Concord model in Wendell Falls kitchen
Homes by Dickerson Concord model in Wendell Falls screened-in porch

If we ever build our dream home again, I’ll be looking at you, Homes by Dickerson!  And of course, if we ever do build again one day, I’ll document and share the journey along the way.  Because it’s pretty awesome getting to watch your home being built from the ground up!  

One of the great things about Wendell Falls is the number of home choices! There are single-family homes, 55+ homes, townhomes, and Brea luxury apartments available over by Publix. Many of these homes also offer the ability to age-in-place with owner suites or a guest bedroom downstairs. There are so many quality home builders to choose from at all different price ranges, whatever your preference!

The Biggest Cons of Wendell Falls (For Some)

To give you my completely honest review, I should point out a few things about Wendell Falls.  If you are looking for a spacious lot, Wendell Falls most likely won’t be the best fit for you.  Lot sizes tend to run under a quarter of an acre.  So, from a yard maintenance perspective, you don’t have to spend all day cutting the grass!  And there are plenty of ways to create privacy between neighbors with landscaping.  Your kids will grow up always close to a neighborhood friend.  Halloween trick-or-treating is a breeze!  But if you just want plenty of physical space between neighbors, you might want to consider a different community.

Lastly, Wendell Falls is growing.  Like any newer neighborhood, if you can’t stand the sound or disruption of construction around you, you might want to consider a more established community.  However, even that doesn’t guarantee much because things are always changing and growing here in the Triangle.  Just be prepared for construction.  But also know that in general, it’s a temporary pain for a long-term gain.

Treelight Square

Lastly, I want to chat about one of the places we have visited the most since moving to Eastern Wake.  Treelight Square is the ever-changing, ever-growing town square of Wendell Falls.  Since we’ve moved near here, quite a few new businesses have opened up here.  We already bring our children to the pediatric dentist here at The Smiling Turtle Pediatric Dentistry (they are phenomenal with my kids, by the way).  We recently tried Don Beto’s Tacos & Tequila, and I loved my chile relleno!

The Smiling Turtle Pediatric Dentistry storefront in Treelight Square
Don Beto's Taco & Tequila in Wendell Falls

I am also eager to try out Elements Massage because they are one of the few places on our side of the Triangle that accepts Spa Finder gift cards!  More local restaurants like Parkside Restaurant, Falls Local, and Sonder Coffee (to name a few) are coming.  There are so many more places that I haven’t listed, so take a look here for the entire list of businesses open or coming soon.  

Elements Massage storefront in Treelight Square

For big-name brands, you’ve got Starbucks, Jersey Mike’s, and my personal favorite for a quick sushi fix and all things birthday party-related- Publix! The Publix here is amazing.  The staff are so friendly and helpful!  It was my go-to place for my son’s birthday party balloons, ice, and cupcakes. 

Walkway art in Treelight Square Wendell Falls

If you’re wondering about healthcare access, WakeMed is currently building a full-service, 12-bed emergency department, as well as outpatient lab and imaging services.  They will be a part of The Collective, which will be a “retail, office, and residential destination.” Treelight Square also has AFC Urgent Care, Dental Care of Wendell Falls, and the Neuse River Vet and Doggie Daycare for your pets!

By the way, the Town of Knightdale is planning to eventually build a greenway trail to connect the downtown portion of Knightdale to Wendell Falls.  The Town of Wendell’s Blueprint for 2030 also mentions prioritizing linking Wendell Falls to downtown Wendell.  There are also additional street routes expected to be built with new developments that will eventually cut down on drive time for some even more to get between the two areas of town.  This improved network will make our communities and our amenities even more accessible to each other!

birdhouse and trail in Wendell Falls

Splish Splashing in Wendell Falls 

By the way, I forgot to mention the fun splash pad area right in front of Don Beto’s.  My son and daughter already gave it a good test run on a late spring evening when we didn’t know it was running yet.  Needless to say, they had a blast and had to go home stripped down and covered in a blanket in the car since I hadn’t planned for them to get wet.  They didn’t care.  They loved it!  And I loved seeing them so happy.  What a seriously cool place to visit!  And for some lucky folks, what a magnificent place to call home.

Treelight Square splash pad
Author: Taylor

Taylor, the founder of Eastern Wake Love and resident of Knightdale, NC, created the platform to celebrate Eastern Wake County’s community and lifestyle. Driven by the lack of substantial information about the Eastern Wake communities during her move to Knightdale, she wanted to create a resource for this beautiful area's potential and current residents and visitors. In her spare time, she’s chasing after her two young kiddos, getting involved in her community, and laughing with her husband about the chaos of parenthood.


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